Workshop to prepare the research program "Frontiers of Life"

Where: Institut Européen de Chimie et Biologie (see on google maps).

When: February 3, 2020. 9H-17H.

What for: 1) to gather all ideas of workpackages for the Bordeaux research program "Frontiers of Life". 2) to listen to all propositions (attendence the whole day is recommended) and have an opportunity to contribute.

To propose a workpackage: go to the submission page. We accept cold submissions; however we advise you to contact the coordinators in advance for additional guidance.

Deadline for workpackage submission (1-page abstract) is over.

Deadline for submitting workpackage revisions: February 7, noon(ish). Please don't change the session attribution.

Frontiers of Life coordinators

Porteurs: Jean-Christophe Baret (jean-christophe.baret (at) et Valérie Gabelica (v.gabelica (a)

Coordinateur challenge 1 "to understand microbial molecular machines": Axel Innis (axel.innis (at)

Coordinateurs challenge 2 "to build synthetic minimal cells", bottom-up approaches: Sébastien Lecommandoux (sebastien.lecommandoux (at), top-down approaches: Carole Lartigue-Prat (carole.lartigue-prat (at)

Coordinateur challenge 3 "to reconstruct artificial tissues and organs": Joëlle Amédée (joelle.amedee (at)

Coordinateur : Hamid Kellay (hamid.kellay (at)

Online user: 2